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Chicken Kdra with Chick-Peas and Almonds Recipe

Chicken Kdra with Chick-Peas and Almonds Recipe

Prep Time 2 hours
Cook Time 2 hours 40 minutes
Total Time 4 hours 40 minutes
Course Chicken, Main Courses, Poultry
Cuisine Mediterranean, Moroccan
Servings 4
Calories 1483 kcal


  • ¾ cup (3 oz/75 g) blanched almonds
  • 1/2 cup (3 oz/75 g) chick-peas, soaked overnight
  • 4 part-boned chicken breasts, skinned
  • ¼ cup (2 oz/50 g) butter
  • ½ tsp (2.5 ml) saffron strands
  • 2 Spanish onions, finely sliced
  • cups (1½ pints/900 ml) chicken stock
  • 1 small cinnamon stick
  • 4 tbsp (60 ml) chopped fresh flat leaf parsley, plus extra to garnish
  • Lemon juice to taste
  • Salt and ground black pepper


  • #A kdra is a type of tagine that is traditionally cooked with smen, a strong Moroccan butter, and a lot of onions. The almonds in this recipe are precooked until soft, adding an interesting texture and flavor.# Simmer the almonds in a pan of water for 2 hours until soft. Drain. Cook the chick-peas for 1 hour and 30 minutes until soft. Drain. Place the chick-peas in a bowl of cold water and rub off the skins. Put the chicken pieces, butter, half the saffron and seasoning in a pan. Heat until the butter melts.
  • Add the onions and stock, bring to the boil and then add the chick-peas and cinnamon stick. Cover the pan and cook very gently for 45-60 minutes until the chicken is completely tender.
  • Transfer the chicken to a serving plate and keep warm. Bring the sauce to the boil, then simmer until well reduced, stirring frequently. Add the almonds, parsley and remaining saffron, and cook for a further 2-3 minutes. Sharpen the sauce with a little lemon juice, then pour over the chicken and serve, garnished with the extra parsley.
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