Fillings for Sandwiches Recipe: Egg

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Ever since i was small, I remember that every birthday party we had a pinata, and my dear mum and her friends used to prepare a real South American banquet with all sorts of delicacies, always including the famous egg and avocado sandwiches. I still prepare them, and everybody eats them with great pleasure, but … Read more

Easy Falafel Burger Recipe

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Ariel Gur, who kindly helped me create this recipe, is a specialist on veggie burgers and falafels and has been creating recipes for over 25 years. He is a food consultant and resides in Istanbul with his family. SERVES: 1PREP TIME: 2 hours minCOOK TIME: 40 minREADY TIME: 2 hours 40 minsCALORIES: 224 (per serving) … Read more