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Prepare and Poach the Salmon


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Prepare-and-Poach-the-Salmon-tips-step by step

STEP 1: Scale the salmon, then trim the fish. Using the filleting knife, slit between the ribcage bones and flesh. 

“Use flexible filleting knife with thin blade to separate fillets from central bones.Grip salmon firmly as you cut.”

Prepare-and-Poach-the-Salmon-Work towards the backbone

STEP 2: Work towards the backbone, loosening the flesh from the bones on both sides of the ribcage without cutting the skin.

Prepare-and-Poach-the-Salmon-Pull the bone out from the head end

STEP 3: Using the scissors, snip the bone at the head to release it. Pull the bone out from the head end.


STEP 4: Snip the bone at the tail end to release it cut the bone into pieces and reserve. With the tweezers, remove any visible bones from the fish, then run your fingers along the inside of the fish to check that all have been removed.

Prepare-and-Poach-the-Salmon-tips-step by step-Rinse the fish inside and out

STEP 5: Rinse the fish inside and out with cold water and pat dry with paper towels.

Rinse raw fish before cooking to wash away any remaining impurities.