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King Prawns in Sherry (Mediterranean Appetizers)

King Prawns in Sherry-calories-nutrition facts-mediterranean appetizers

These prawns couldn’t be more simple, or quicker to prepare — yet they’re deceptively impressive in terms of flavor and appearance. A winning starter for any special meal.

PREP TIME: 5 min
COOK TIME: 2-3 min
CALORIES: 303 per serving

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  • 12 raw king prawns or tiger prawns, peeled
  • 30 ml/2 tbsp olive oil
  • 30 ml/2 tbsp sherry
  • A few drops of Tabasco sauce
  • Salt and ground black pepper



1 Make a shallow cut down the back of each prawn, then pull out and discard the dark intestinal tract. Leave the tails on the prawns; when they are cooked they will curl and look more decorative.

2 Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the prawns for 2—3 minutes until pink.

3 Pour over the sherry and season with Tabasco sauce, salt and pepper.

4 Tip the prawns into a dish and serve immediately.