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How to Choose, How to Store, How to Use Apple & Recipes with Apple

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Are powerful detoxifiers that assist with digestive problem and reduce total cholesterol. High in pectin, which helps to regulate weight gain by making you feel full longer. They say: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but two apples are even better!

How to Choose Apple

Apples are available fresh throughout the year. Choose firm apples with smooth unblemished skins without bruises or breaks. Brownish, freckled patches on the skin generally do not affect flavor.

How to Eating Apple

Peel and eat, especially in the morning. Also grapefruit juice mixed with apple and/or orange juice.

How to Store Apple

Apples purchased in a plastic bag can be stored that way in your refrigerator in the crisper drawer. Store apples purchased in bulk in a cool, moist place.

Nutrients and Calories

High in vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, beta-carotene and flavonoids (the natural chemicals that protect the heart).

Tips and Notes

  • Suggestions: Raw, washed green, red or yellow or 2; an apple salad: chunks of multicolor apples; apple puree, apple tea, apple juice (from the fruit extractor) diluted with some water if too sweet; apple slices in sandwiches. Apple cider is excellent for the function of metabolism, excellent detoxifier; anti-diarrheic; very beneficial for the kidneys and urinary system; excellent probiotic; diuretic.
  • The classic diarrhea remedies include: bananas (they are full of potassium, one of the minerals we often lose with diarrhea and also they are very soothing to the digestive tract), rice (no fat), stewed apple, toast and black tea. A little suggestion: after you stew the apple, puree it and spread it on the toast.
  • TO AVOID CONTAGION FROM COLDS AND THE FLU: drink apple-clove tea with some fresh orange juice 30 minutes before breakfast.
  • BREAKFAST MENUS FRUIT COMBINATIONS: Orange, green apple, yellow apple, red apple and banana. Banana bread with green apple slices + 1 tbsp sweet and sour apricot puree. Homemade rye bread with seeds, bananas, apple and peanuts. Homemade or commercial dark rye bread with homemade peanut butter and red apples. A fruit sandwich made with two slices of dark bread filled with apple, banana, dried apricot and peanuts, and a spread of low fat yogurt. A slice of apple- walnut cake with applesauce and yogurt and slices of green and red apple.