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Different types of sugars and where to use each

What is white sugar

White sugar, or granulated table sugar, is the most common type of sugar and it is used extensively. White sugar is processed to medium-­sized crystals.

What is caster sugar

Caster (superfine) sugar has finer, smaller crystals than white sugar. It dissolves faster than white sugar and is often used in meringues and cakes.

What is icing sugar

Icing (confectioners) sugar has been ground to a powder. It can be purchased as pure icing sugar or icing sugar mixture, which has cornflour and/or calcium phosphate added to prevent it from caking while being stored.

What is brown sugar

Dark brown sugar, brown sugar and light brown sugar are soft moist sugars with very small crystals. They have a distinctive flavor from the molasses coating each crystal. Brown sugars are great for puddings and baking.

What is demerara sugar

Demerara sugar has been treated with light brown molasses, which gives it a toffee taste. Demerara sugar is also great for baking.

Palm sugar

Sap of a palm concentrated into a heavy, moist sugar. Sold in block form and should be grated or shaved before using. Used mainly in Thai cooking. Substitute brown sugar.

Some Nutritional Facts about Sugars

Sugars contain high amounts of calories. Whether it is brown or white it has more than 350 kcal in each 100 grams (white sugar contains 400 kcal and brown sugar contain 380 kcal). So it would be wise to use sugars sparingly and consume sugary drinks and foods with caution.