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Can Tomatoes Be Put in The Fridge

Now, if we go into the kitchen of any house and open the refrigerator door, we will see kilos of tomatoes in the crisper. Are you wrong?

What if we told you that tomatoes, which we all prefer to keep in the refrigerator so that they do not rot, should never be put in the refrigerator?

“As vegetables that do not like cold, tomatoes will lose all their flavor if exposed to cold air for a long time.”

You go and buy red, ripe, fresh tomatoes from the market, but when you eat them, you realize that they are tasteless and tasteless, and you feel sad. Okay, there may be problems in the production phase, but you can also be one of the reasons why tomatoes are tasteless.

Can Tomatoes Be Put in The Fridge

Because tomatoes put in the refrigerator lose their taste when exposed to cold air for a long time. In short, the tomato does not like the cold, and the cold weather stops its ripening process and causes it to crystallize. Tomatoes, whose maturation is over, turn out to be something tasteless and saltless at the end of the day.

Now let’s talk scientific evidence….

As part of a recent study, scientists kept some red, ripe tomatoes in the refrigerator for one day, some for three days, and some for seven days. Next, they examined the molecular structures of chilled tomatoes and tried to understand whether the components that gave them flavor—that is, sugar, acid, and other volatile, organic compounds—had changed.

At the end of the research, it was revealed that while tomatoes that were kept in the refrigerator for one and three days did not show much change, 65 percent of the tomatoes that were kept in the cold for seven days lost their taste and flavor components. Not content with that, the scientists asked the experimental group consisting of 76 people to taste the tomatoes, and the subjects said that the tomatoes were tasteless and did not taste good.

Should tomatoes be stored in the refrigerator or at room temperature?

Scientists explained that tomatoes, which are indispensable for kitchens, should definitely not be kept in the refrigerator. So why?

Because the taste of tomato deteriorates when the temperature goes below 12 degrees.
Scientists said that when the tomato is kept below 12 degrees, the cold atmosphere keeps the vegetable relatively fresh, but the taste changes completely. Researchers from the University of Florida in the USA explain why the showy tomatoes sold in large markets are tasteless… Tomatoes are kept in cabinets and then left at room temperature for a few days.

Which is your priority: tomatoes that stay fresh longer or tomatoes that taste better?

As a result, storing tomatoes in the refrigerator will definitely keep them fresh longer, but it will also cause them to lose their flavor faster. Maybe the solution is to take the amount you can consume in a short time and keep them at room temperature and use them. Thus, you can eat tomatoes both fresh and delicious.

Whichever is your priority, you should choose that method. Fresher tomatoes or tastier tomatoes? After all, your tomatoes, your decision. 🙂

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