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Benefits of Tamarind and How to Choose and Store Them

Benefits of Tamarind and How to Choose and Store Them-tips-store-recipes

Tamarind; is a brown colored fruit that originates in Latin America, but now can be found everywhere; it has a tangy, sweet-sour taste…

How to Choose Tamarind

  • Whole dried pods – these are packed in cellophane bags. Requires extra work if you needed to use the tamarind as a paste.
  • Compressed tamarind – Composed of tamarind pulp compressed into 1lb blocks. They may or may not have seeds. A compressed tamarind is a great option when you need to prepare tamarind paste. Though it involves s little work in extracting the paste, it is worth the time since it will give you a better flavor compared to the already manufactured pastes.
  • Frozen, unsweetened pulp – this is usually packed in 14-oz pouches and is great where you need thinner, less intense tamarind flavors in your dishes.

Benefits of Tamarind

It has laxative properties and is very good for the liver, but either you love it or you don’t.

Tips and Notes

Tamarind is used as a flavoring in many dishes. It also has medicinal properties and can be used as a tarnish remover.

Nutrients and Calories