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What is Zest?

Zest is the aromatic top skin of the citrus fruits. It is used widely in cooking and baking because the oils in the zest intensify and perk up the flavors of food.

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Be sure to wash and scrub the fruit well to remove any chemicals before removing the zest. The zest can then be removed with a zester or it can be grated or minced. Finely grated zest releases more flavor than larger strips. Grate lemon zest over wax paper to make it easier to gather for measuring, Care must be given to remove only the zest and not the white pith under the zest, which is bitter. When citrus is seasonal it is a great idea to zest the fruits before peeling or juicing them, The zest freezes well and can be used when it is called for in recipes. Frozen zest tastes just like fresh zest.
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