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Top 13 Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

Top 13 Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

Now we will give you a very delicious 13 vegetarian pasta recipes. In this list of delicious and biologically easy pasta recipes described, very healthy veggies await you. Let’s start by telling the easiest and best vegetarian pasta recipes.

13 – Farfalle Pasta With Asparagus, Soft-Boiled Duck Eggs And Parmesan

You can, of course, use hens’ eggs here, but duck eggs are a bit of a treat and can easily be found at farmers’ markets. They are slightly larger and have a rich flavour. Do use fine asparagus for this recipe -fresh and tender young spears grown locally are best as, once picked, their sweetness fades fast. Please click on this link to reach the pasta soup recipe and see its structure:

12 – Aglio, Olio E Peperoncino | Vegetarian Pasta Recipe

If you like spicy and simple food, this is for you. It is a typical dish of the mountainous Abruzzo region, where long snowy winters have inspired all kinds of warming specialities. Let’s start making the recipe for aglio, olio e peperoncino, a delicious vegetarian dish. Please click on this link to reach the pasta soup recipe and see its structure:

11 – Chilli And Black Bean Sauce With Garlic-Fried Breadcrumbs

Black beans make a nutritious and satisfying pasta topping. They go perfectly with a tasty tomato sauce and garlicky breadcrumbs. Please click for full recipe:

10 – Roasted Eggplant And Tomato Sauce | Pasta Recipes

Eggplant is the key ingredient here and gives the sauce a lovely, meaty consistency. The addition of mint and lime adds a flavorsome twist. Please click for full recipe:

9 – Pasta Primavera | Vegetable Recipes

Vegetables need little cooking or adornment if they are young, sweet and fresh. Harvest periods are short, so relish each vegetable in its season and reinvent this recipe as the seasons change. Please click on this link to reach the pasta soup recipe and see its structure:

8 – Tagliatelle With Sun-Blush Tomatoes And Toasted Pine Nuts

Satisfyingly quick to make and light to eat, the vitamin C in this dish will help with the absorption of iron found in the spinach. Let me tell you the recipe of tagliatelle with sun-blush tomatoes and toasted pine nuts without losing time.

7 – Linguine With Heirloom Tomatoes, Red Endive And Black Olives

Linguine With Heirloom Tomatoes
Linguine With Heirloom Tomatoes
This pasta recipe involves the Italian technique of gently blanching the garlic in warm oil so that it softens and imparts its flavour without dominating the other fresh ingredients. When it comes to tomatoes, we are spoilt for choice during the summer months, so use a number of interesting varieties, heirloom if possible, and mix up the colours. The bitter red endive leaves Offset the fruity sweetness of the tomatoes.

6 – Pappardelle With Portobello Mushrooms | Vegetarian Recipe

Fresh chestnuts aren’t always easy to find, but if you can get your hands on some, they really do make a wonderful addition to this pasta dish, giving it a slightly festive flavour. Don’t feel too guilty about the cream – the chestnuts are low in fat and calories.

5 – Tagliatelle With Pan-fried Pumpkin And Red Pepper Oil

The trick to this recipe is to take it slowly. Allow the red pepper and chillies to gently release their colour and flavour into the oil by roasting them in a low oven for a full hour.

4 – Mushroom And Thyme Ragu With Hand-Torn Pasta

Many exotic mushroom varieties can be bought year-round, offering a constant supply of just about any mushroom you could wish for. Here, a mixture has been used, including meaty field mushrooms as they go hand in hand with the other comforting, rich flavours like fresh thyme, red wine and cinnamon.

3 – Pappardelle Pasta With Roast Fennel, Tomato And Olives

Roasting vegetables in the oven makes easy work of a pasta sauce. The vegetables soften and sweeten while they cook and there is no constant stirring involved as there is with hob-top cooking. This recipes calls for fresh pasta. Time permitting, you could always make your own pappardelle following the recipe on page 12 and freeze any leftover strands.

2 – Calabrese And Broccoli Arabesque | Vegetarian Recipe

Here is an easy vegetarian recipe. This unusual sauce, enhanced with sultanas, pine nuts and anchovies, explodes with flavour. It is based on a classic recipe popular in parts of southern Italy and Sicily, where ingredients such as sultanas and pine nuts show an Arab influence – arabesque. You can also serve it as a side dish with meat or fish.
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