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What is Marinade?

Meat, fish and poultry are flavored and tenderized by soaking them in marinades. Marinade is a seasoned liquid concoction, which contains an acid such as wine, vinegar, lemon juice or yogurt for tenderizing the protein. A blend of spices and herbs are added to marinades for flavoring. Bay leaf, rosemary, thyme are the basic herbs used in marinades. Onion and garlic are also staple ingredients. Addition of oil to marinades keeps meats moist. Always score meat to aid the penetration of marinade, For best results let meat sit in marinade for several hours or overnight. Refrigerate the meat if marinating for more than one hour. As a variation add rice vinegar or sesame oil for an Asian flavor. Use red wine for meat and orange or grapefruit juice with light oil for fish. Lamb lends itself to a marinade that is either spicy or rich in fresh mint. You can easily create your own combination. Baste with the marinade during cooking.

How To Marinade?

The taste and texture of both can easily be enhanced by soaking them in milk or in brine Soaking white meat of poultry in milk softens it and gives it a mellow taste and a silky texture. Score and soak meat for at least 3 hours (keep in the refrigerator). Then drain, pat dry, season and cook according to recipe. Be very careful not to overcook. Overcooking also dries the meat. Chicken drumsticks and wings lend themselves to marinades. Slash the flesh so that the flavors can penetrate.
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