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How To Peel And Segment Oranges

How To Peel And Segment Oranges

Seedless citrus fruit, such as navel oranges, are best for cutting into segments.
Course Cooking 101, How To
Calories 47 kcal


  • Oranges


  • #How To Peel Orange# With a chefs knife, cut away both ends of the fruit just to the flesh. Set the fruit upright on a chopping board.
  • Working from top to bottom using the same knife, cut away the zest, pith, and skin following the curve of the fruit. #How To Segment Oranges# Holding the fruit in your hand, slide the knife down one side of a segment, cutting it from the membrane. Cut down the other side and pull out the segment.
  • Repeat with remaining segments, turning back the membrane like the pages of a book.
  • “Segment the fruit over a bowl to catch the juice.”
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