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How to Chop Herbs


Parsley, tarragon, thyme, chives, rosemary, dill, and basil are herbs that are usually chopped before being added to other ingredients. Do not chop delicate herbs like basil too finely because their leaves bruise easily.


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STEP 1: Strip the leaves or sprigs from the stalks. Pile the leaves or sprigs on a chopping board.

TIP: Pull off herb leaves gently to ensure they retain maximum freshness

How-to-Chop-Herbs-tips-step by step

STEP 2: Cut the leaves or sprigs into small pieces, holding the herbs together in a bunch with one hand while chopping with a chefs knife. Holding the tip of the knife blade against the chopping board with your fingertips, and rocking the blade back and forth, chop until the herbs are coarse or fine, as you wish.