How to Choose, How to Store, How to Cook Zucchini (Courgette)

How to Choose, How to Store, How to Cook Zucchini (Courgette)

These baby marrows have shiny green skin, a sweet delicate flavor and a crisp texture. They are at their best when they are small. Scroll down a bit if you are wondering about the nutrients in zucchinis or looking for some real delicious ways to cook them.

How to Eat Zucchinis

They can be sliced or grated and eaten raw, or they can be cooked, combining well with other Mediterranean vegetables. Zucchinis can also be battered and deep-fried, made into fritters or served with a white sauce flavored with Parmesan or nutmeg. Served cold with a mint-flavored vinaigrette or tomato sauce, they can be served as part of a first course. They can also be halved and stuffed with a meat or vegetable filling.

How to Choose Zucchinis

The larger zucchinis become, the less flavor they have. When buying, choose firm, shiny specimens. Do not buy flabby zucchinis, or those with blemished skins. Yellow varieties, sometimes called “banana zucchinis” are sometimes available and, although there is no difference in flavor, they make a pretty alternative to the usual green variety.
For the finest flavor and texture, choose young zucchinis that are firm, not flabby.
In Italy and France, the golden zucchini flowers are highly prized; they are frequently stuffed and cooked, or deep-fried in batter.

When to Buy Zucchinis

Zucchinis are available almost all year round, but are at their best in spring and summer. Allow 9 oz/250 g zucchinis per serving.

How to Store Zucchinis

They will keep in the vegetable drawer of the fridge for up to one week.

How to Cook Zucchinis

Here are some mouthwatering zucchini recipes you can prepare for a delicious meal.
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